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Kevin A. Rausch. Austria °1980

For Rausch, the paintbrush is first and foremost a tool of expression – in his own words, an arm in the fight against the oversaturation of technology of our current times. The canvas, composed of a dynamic layering of techniques, remarkably rich in color and pattern, acts in itself as a sort of interminable quilt, bringing together often seemingly independent elements in an elegant lyricality conducted by Rausch’s distinct stroke – a poetic romanticism that alludes to the history of painting while expressing unique innovation and energy that can simultaneously be seen as a reflection of the very fast-paced society that he rejects. Alone or in pairs, at the brink of commencing their journey or fast in its midst, Rausch’s unnamed beings – faceless and often portrayed from behind – find themselves in moments of stillness within a larger, continual narrative, exuding the existential angst of the human existence – that is to say, the ultimate quest for meaning. 

- Lexie Jordan, Independent Curator

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